Aperitivo: An Italian tradition you’re going to love. Aperitivo comes from the Latin word »aperire« which means »to open«. This captures what it’s all about: coming together, having good conversations, enjoying drinks and small snacks. And that’s what we’re known for – authentic flair, comfortable atmosphere, great moments and good taste.

Our production facility, where we prepare sweet and savory dishes.
We make our cakes from scratch, e. g. our »torta caprese« – a delicious chocolate cake without flour. Perfect for an Italian breakfast?
Our freshly prepared »cornetti« and »code d’aragosta«.

Italian morning routine: cappuccino e cornetto. The only time of the day where it’s accepted by Italians to drink milky coffee. But what's a »cornetto«? It's a crossover between a French croissant and brioche.

»torta caprese« is a typical Neapolitan dessert, originally from the island of Capri. A delight made with ground almonds and chocolate – but without flour. This cake bursts with flavor and literally melts in your mouth!



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